World Slivovitz Cup – Cocktail and Image Competition 2019

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The competition is organised by RUDOLF JELINEK a.s. Show the world an original drink made with slivovitz and experience the Bar Convent Berlin 2019 to the fullest!!!

Slivovitz is a Czech national treasure but its popularity is also growing far beyond Czech borders. 
Create an original cocktail using R. JELINEK's 5-Year Old Kosher Slivovitz. 
Category: Fancy cocktail 
The drink must contain a minimum of 2 cl of R. JELINEK Kosher Slivovitz 5 y.o. 
No other fruit brandy is allowed. 
Home-made ingredients are allowed. The registration form must contain the full recipe. 
R. JELINEK Kosher Slivovitz 5 y.o. must be the main ingredient in the drink.
Other parameters have no limits. 

Cocktail presentation and its message: 
Take a photo of the drink in the spirit of the given topic. Share it on social media using the following hashtags - #WSC #slivovitzworldwide #slivovitz #czechspirit #fruitbrandy #rjelinek and collect likes, comments. 
The photo of the drink must, without a doubt, communicate the topic of the competition called 'THE PLACE WHERE I LIVE'. Along with the cocktail, the photo must also show a bottle of R. JELINEK Kosher Slivovitz 5 y.o., ideally in the bar where you're currently working.

How to participate? 
Let us know that you're interested: Confirm your participation in the competition by 10/7/2019 by sending us an e-mail at: Once your registration is confirmed, we shall send you a bottle for the cocktail preparation. 
1/8/2019 Registration: Send your recipe, a photo of the drink, ideally a photo of yourself, a photo of the bar where you work and your brief professional profile by 1/8/2019 to our e-mail: wsc@rjelinek. cz.

1/8/2019 to 15/9/2019 Post and share: Post and promote your recipe with the photos of the cocktail on FB and Instagram from 1/8/2019 until 15/9/2019. 
We are looking for the most shared, the most interesting and the most photogenic slivovitz cocktail of 2019! 

The main part of the rating focuses on the activity around the promotion of the cocktail on social media. 
The monitored networks are FB, Instagram, YouTube. Another part of the rating will be the visual quality of the photograph or the video, the recipe and the marketing utility of the drink. 
The individual sections will be rated as follows: 
•    50% Social networks (FB, IG, YouTube)... a simple sum of interactions (likes, shares, comments) 
•     20% Photo/video of the drink - assessed by a world-renowned photographer 
•    20% Recipe - barman-style rating 
•    10% Marketing - assessed by a marketing manager from RUDOLF JELINEK a.s. 
The rating will be carried out by an expert committee comprising professionals for each section of the assessment. 


The Best World livovitz Cocktail 2019 
1st place 
•    a trip to the BCB 2019 - including: 
o 3-day entry 
o B&B accommodation 
o Flight to Berlin (provided by the organiser) 
o Presentation of the winning drink at the RUDOLF JELINEK stand as part of the BCB 2019

2nd place 
•    exclusive bottle worth CZK 6,999 (Family Reserve 46.9%) 

3rd place 
•    archive bottle worth CZK 2,999 (Vizovicka Slivovitz 2014 Haganta 50%) 

Special price: 
Best Photo of World Slivovitz Cocktail 2019 – awarded by an expert judge from the field of photography  

Terms and conditions for the participation 
•    Age 18 and over. 
•    By entering the competition, the participants agree that their drink recipe becomes public and is available for use by RUDOLF JELINEK a.s. 

Other information 
The winner becomes the participant with the highest score of points. 
Each judge carries out their own rating and the total score is the sum of the points from all judges. 
In case of equality of points, the deciding factors are: 
•    total points for Likes 
•    then the total for the photo 
•    then the total for the recipe 
•    then we draw lots 

The committee's decisions are final.
The organiser of the competition provides the obligatory ingredient for the cocktail - one 0.7l bottle of the 5-Year Old Kosher Slivovitz. Other ingredients are supplied by the competitors themselves.

Registration for the competition 10/7/2019 
Deadline for sending the recipe 1/8/2019 
Competition schedule 1/8 - 15/9 
Results announcement 17/9/2019 on the INTERNATIONAL RUDOLF JELINEK CUP 2019 
Please note! 
The Bar Convent Berlin 2019 will take place during 7/10 - 9/10 We recommend writing these dates in your diary!


Even slivovitz can be kosher. And this unique product, combining strict procedures and the Wallachian tradition, is now being introduced by RUDOLF JELINEK in a five-year mature form. The combination of traditional production procedures under the supervision of the American Orthodox Union representatives and a five-year maturation process guarantee the highest quality.

This clear spirit with a sweetish almond-like aroma of the stones and a soft, fruity flavour is prepared by Vizovice distillers using the latest technology under the supervision of the representatives from the Jewish organisation granting the Kosher Certification. Before the start of the production, the equipment must be koshered, i.e. rinsed using hot and cold water. To be able to fully enjoy its quality, you don't have to be a member of the Jewish community. The exclusiveness of this spirit is emphasised by its luxurious packaging.

It is the 5-year old kosher slivovitz that was the starting point of the kosher production in 1934, when export to the USA started successfully after the end of the prohibition. Thanks to this, our slivovitz had become world renowned and today it is the most famous kosher spirit in our portfolio and our most significant export product.




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